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We develop, manufacture and sell digital platforms for learning and playing
in preschools/schools, companies, and public areas such as restaurants,
museums, shopping centers, and indoor playgrounds.

For children in:

  • Preschools
  • Schools
  • Public premises
  • Private premises


Intuitive and easy to work with, as it is the same as any tablet
or smartphone, just placed
on the floor.

Made in Sweden, it has
a durable construction
and the shell is made of environmentally friendly plastic.

Has an accurate optical sensor technology that gives the market’s best touch feel
and precision.

The design on the table is slim and it fits into the office environment as well as in public places and in preschool
and school.


Manico FunTable

Manico FunTable – an interactive surfboard for children

It’s just like a tablet, but bigger. Children and adults, gather easily around the table and simultaneously point, draw, search information, click and act just like on a tablet. It is sufficiently mobile and stable to be placed in public environments and manage the child’s playful handling.

Manico Fun Board

Manico FunBoard is the younger sibling of Manico FunTable.

Together they form the basis for Manico’s interactive surfing device. Due to the thin design and the fact that Mnico FunBoard can be mounted on the wall or laid on a table, the target groups and the areas of use are expanded.

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