Feature highlights

  • Wide-band acoustic echo cancellation with HD-voice , dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and intelligent microphone mixing.
  • Best for conference room within 20-60m and supports within 20 attendees.
  • 4 internal uni-directional microphones gather cover 3m.
  • 2 external microphones gather cover 5m.
  • Support bluetooth, can achieve speakerphone conference
  • Support USB VoIP and suitable for PC, video system, UC communication.
  • Offer an auxiliary audio port that allows for external devices to connect to the conference phone.
  • Support 3.5mm jack for Mobile phone call.
  • Built-in 3-way conference.
  • Collaboration: bridge USB VoIP call and Mobile call together very conveniently.
  • Speaker volume up to 90dB, 12 levels adjustable.
  • 4 Line LCD display with ivory white backlight.
  • Convenient and rich function: conference, hold, mute, etc.