Magic-Chart notes 10x20cm blue 100pcs

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Legamaster Magic-Chart notes 10x20cm blue 100pcs

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Legamaster Magic-Chart notes 10x20cm blue 100pcs. Width: 100 mm. Package width: 205 mm, Package depth: 18 mm, Package height: 101 mm. Quantity per pack: 100 pc(s)

Collaborate successfully with ready-to-use writing surfaces. Meet anytime and anywhere – you only need a flat surface. Trigger creativity in your team, there is enough writing space for everyone. Have interaction-based, dynamic and effective sessions. Visualize your ideas when brainstorming, mind-mapping, planning or teaching. Always come prepared to any meeting or workshop.


Product colour



100 mm

Package depth

18 mm

Package weight

126 g

Package width

205 mm

Package height

101 mm

Quantity per pack

100 pc(s)

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