ScreenBeam 960A with CMS

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ScreenBeam 960 Wireless Display Receiver with ScreenBeam CMS

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Actiontec ScreenBeam 960A CMS SBWD960AEU. Modell/Type: AV-mottaker, Maksimal oppløsning: 1920 x 1080 piksler, Støttede videofunksjoner: 1080p. Tilkoblingsteknologi: Ledning & Trådløs, USB-tilkobler: USB Type-A. Strømforbruk: 5 W. Bredde: 168 mm, Dybde: 168 mm, Høyde: 34,5 mm

ScreenBeam 960 enterprise-grade wireless display receiver enables native screen mirroring from your Windows, Android and Apple devices — without apps or wires.

Designed for large scale deployments, ScreenBeam 960 makes it easy to connect your mobile device to the room display with a single click or swipe. Extended desktop maintains device use for other actions while presenting, and support for interactive touch displays and wireless touch brings collaboration to the front-of-room display. Central Management System (CMS) software is included for remote management of receivers, providing enterprise-class security and manageability that IT departments need.

How Miracast Is Digitally Transforming Meeting Spaces and Classrooms
Achieve effective collaboration with touch displays and Windows Ink

Increasingly, organizations are removing whiteboards from their meeting spaces and classrooms and installing interactive touch displays. Together, ScreenBeam and Windows 10 maximizes that investment with support of Windows Ink which makes it simple to get your team members or students working together. Marking up content and images or creating sticky notes gets a point across efficiently. Then ScreenBeam’s unique support of touch displays allows all those annotations to be instantly captured and saved on the presenter’s Windows 10 device screen. It’s that easy.

Extended Desktop vs Mirror Screen
ScreenBeam offers extended mode so device is still usable for other actions.

Unlike other wireless display options, ScreenBeam natively supports the Miracast standard built into Windows 10/8.1 so presenters can both wirelessly duplicate content on their screen to a display, and use extended desktop. In extended mode, a single “extended” screen is created between your device and the wireless display. Now the desktop and icon images are displayed on your notebook, desktop or tablet, while the background image (or wallpaper) is extended to the second display. You can interact with different content on each display. Use extend mode whenever you anticipate you’ll need your device for other actions such as quickly accessing your web browser or taking an important call!

Modern Meetings

ScreenBeam 960 transforms meeting rooms into collaborative work spaces by offering native screen mirroring from your Windows, Apple and Android devices. ScreenBeam wireless display eliminates the frustration of finding cables or downloading apps so meetings start on time and switching presenters doesn’t cause delays. Presenters can drive and interact with their content from anywhere in the room for improved meeting collaboration, interaction and productivity. With support for the Miracast technology standard, Windows device users enjoy extended desktop, and touch display and Windows Ink support, so annotations on the touch display are instantly captured and saved on the presenter’s device.

Interactive Classrooms

When teachers are free to move and interact with their students during lessons, students are more successful. ScreenBeam wireless display makes teachers more accessible making it easier to observe student reaction, identify issues and help off-task students refocus without singling them out. ScreenBeam allows teachers to approach teaching and learning from a visual perspective, embedding learning at a deeper level and making learning more enjoyable. When teachers combine OneNote and ScreenBeam technology, they can share their notes, presentations and more directly to student devices or classroom display and increase classroom collaboration.

Specifically Designed For Enterprise Environments

ScreenBeam 960 was specifically designed to address the needs and demands of modern enterprises. It delivers connectivity in dense wireless environments, access control, configurability, security, and management, as well as easy help-desk support that businesses need to stay productive with wireless display. This fully integrated enterprise class platform boasts .11ac and .11n dual radios, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA In, and VGA out interfaces. Extensive mounting and placement options give IT professionals’ flexibility to mount to ceilings, tables, or hidden locations. VGA input gives back the capability for non-wireless clients to connect the old way. ScreenBeam 960 helps eliminate cable clutter while also making it easy for users to seamlessly connect and share content.

Device Management for IT Teams

ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS) is included with the ScreenBeam 960 with a free perpetual license for the life of the product. CMS includes a software that enables IT to easily deploy, manage, remotely configure, group, customize, apply policies, and push device firmware updates to all ScreenBeam receivers within the network. With the free ScreenBeam local management console included in the receiver, set up is simple. Users may rename a receiver, manage display ports, or change the PIN pairing password and much more.


Vekt 1 kg
Støttede videofunksjoner


Maksimal oppløsning

1920 x 1080 piksler





Inngangsporter for VGA (D-Sub)




VGA (D-Sub) utgangsporter





0 – 40 °C

Oppbevaringstemperaturomåde (Celsius)

0 – 70 °C

LED-indikatorer for kommunikasjon


Antall HDMI-utganger






Støttede lydformater





168 mm






34,5 mm


168 mm




USB Type-A




5 W



Lagringsrelativ fuktighet

5 – 90%

Luftfuktighetsområde ved drift

10 – 85%

Antall USB-porter



Ledning & Trådløs

Støttede Windows operativsystemer


Støttede Mac operativsystemer


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