Universal projector housing WHITE, medium (inner size 400 x 330 x 150 mm)

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Universal projector housing, medium

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SmartMetals 002.3030. Brand compatibility: Any brand, Product colour: Grey, Silver. Width: 470 mm, Depth: 530 mm, Height: 350 mm

Our housings can accommodate almost any projector, offering you protection from theft and damage. Our housings are fitted with a universal bracket and ball joint to be used with our mounts excl. universal bracket, offering you the usual flexibility in orientation. Because of the smart design, the housings are compatible with projectors where the lens is positioned on the left, middle or right side, and come in three different sizes. Our housings can be installed easily, and allow quick access to the projector for maintenance (only the lock set and lower box has to be removed).



530 mm


10.5 kg


470 mm


350 mm

Brand compatibility

Any brand

Product colour

Grey, Silver

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